The Singer

Chris Perry Singer


One of my greatest personal passions and motivators is singing, and when I say singing, I really mean it. I am honored to come from a very musical family, and have been making music my whole life.

In my college days, long ago now, I was a member of the W&M Choir and the Gentlemen of the College, the College’s premier all-male acapella singing group, performing all over the country and even getting the opportunity to sing at the White House and for Queen Elizabeth II of England.

I love singing and will sing any song anytime, anywhere. Karaoke has become an essential in my life, especially now that I no longer have a group to sing with. I have competed in several “American Idol” karaoke competitions on Royal Caribbean and Princess cruises, not to mention the occasional local pub or restaurant karaoke nights.

My future goal once life settles down a little more is to start or join a new singing group. If you’re ever looking for a powerhouse baritone with a Frankie Valli/Michael Jackson falsetto, please contact me.


Please enjoy this clip from a cruise competition some years ago where I performed “Desperado” by The Eagles.